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Municipal Court

Office Hours:
Monday – Friday 8:00 am – 5:00 pm

Phone: 830-798-2562
Fax:  830-693-6436

***See Statement Below Before Making Payment***
By making an online payment I understand that I have a right to a jury trial. I do hereby plead guilty/nolo contendere to the offense as charged, waive my right to a jury trial or hearing by the Court, and agree to pay the fine and costs the judge assesses.
Pay Municipal Court Citations Online

The City of Cottonwood Shores Municipal Court processes Class “C” Misdemeanor offenses only. These offenses consist of moving and non-moving traffic violations (such as speeding and failure to maintain financial responsibility) to penal code violations (such as public intoxication, theft less than $50 and assault by contact). These offenses also include violations of city ordinances (such as junk vehicles, animal violations and excessive noise).

Most cases filed in the City of Cottonwood Shores Municipal Court are filed by the Cottonwood Shores Police Department, Cottonwood Shores Animal Control and Cottonwood Shores Code Enforcement.

Duties & Responsibilities

The Municipal Court provides judicial processing of citations. The Court has jurisdiction over criminal offenses punishable by fine only including:

  • Traffic and parking citations
  • Animal control cases
  • Code enforcement cases

This jurisdiction only covers offenses that occur within the territorial limits of the City of Cottonwood Shores, Texas.

Don Adams
Rebecca Lange
Veronica Flores
Court Clerk
Nancy Chumley
Court Clerk