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Can I make an appointment to see the judge before court?

NO. If you want to discuss the case, you cannot speak to the Judge before the hearing. With very limited exceptions, all parties, or the attorneys, must be present when anything is stated to the Judge about the case. If your intention is to reschedule you may try contacting the court clerk who can contact the appropriate subjects.
If your intention is to ask for an extension or continuance you will need to appear before the judge.

Most actions listed above will generally have to be approved by the opposing counsel and the judge, but if you have a reasonable excuse, it often will be approved. If you fail to show for a court date without legal approval a charge for failure to appear may be
filed along with warrants.

Do I have to see the judge?

You may not have to see the judge. Many citation-related tasks can be handled by the court clerk by appearing at the Court window at City Hall. You can also take care of most of the court-related
tasks by mail or online. If you are unable to determine if you have to see the judge call the court clerk. Some violations do require a mandatory hearing with the judge.

For example:

  • Minor in Possession of Alcohol,
  • Minor in Consumption of Alcohol,
  • Minor in Possession of Tobacco,
  • All Juvenile violation where the juvenile is under the age of 17.
  • Animals at Large,
  • Vicious Animals

How can I get information about my citation?

Please read your citation carefully.

Many of your options require you to prepare BEFORE your appearance date. Waiting until you are standing before the judge may be too late to exercise your options. Some options are simple, they are compliance dismissals granted by the State and approved by the municipal court judge.

The date to contact the court is on the citation. It is usually within 10 days of receiving the citation. AGAIN, DON’T WAIT, call and see if you are eligible for one of these options. The Municipal Court Number is (830) 693-3830.

How do I contact the court?

If you have previously plead not guilty you will be set for a pre-trial hearing. This hearing will be held at the Cottonwood Shores Civic Center, located at 4111 Cottonwood Drive, Cottonwood Shores.
Pre-trial hearings are normally scheduled on the 4th Tuesday of the month. You will be sent a letter notifying you of the hearing, date and time. Failure to appear may result in additional charges being files.

How do I contest my citation?

When you receive a citation you will be scheduled for an arraignment before the court. You will be given an option to discuss your citation with the prosecutor prior to court. If you decide to contest the charge you will have to go before the judge and enter a plea. Upon entering a plea you will be scheduled for a pre-trial hearing.

What are court costs?

Court “costs” are fees that are paid to the State of Texas and are not the same thing as your fine. You will be charged court costs whether or not you appear before the judge. Court costs vary depending upon the type of citation received. Only the Judge can change court costs.

What if I received a summons for jury duty?

Check your summons to be sure you are called for the COTTONWOOD SHORES MUNICIPAL COURT as there are several courts in Burnet County.

  • If you have been called to serve you will need to appear at the Cottonwood Shores Civic Center, 4111 Cottonwood Drive, Cottonwood Shores, Texas 78657.
  • You can call the Cottonwood Shores Municipal Court to get further details on your appearance. Just call (830) 693-3830.
  • For information regarding exemptions, call the Municipal Court Clerk at (830) 693-3830.

When is my appearance date?

  • Your appearance date will be indicated on your citation. (This date is usually 10 days from the date you received your citation.
  • You must contact the court before this date to be eligible for any special options that could be available to you.
  • Juveniles (persons 16 years old and younger at the time of the violation) who received a citation must appear before the judge with a PARENT OR LEGAL GUARDIAN.
  • Notification of the juvenile’s court date will be mailed to the address on the citation. (If the address on the citation is not correct, you must notify the court of the correct address.)
  • Failure to contact the court may cause additional charges to be filed.