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Fishing in Texas Hill Country

Many people do not know the Highland Lakes of Texas offer some of the best fishing around. The Highland Lakes located in the Texas Hill Country are:

  • Lake LBJ
  • Lake Marble Falls
  • Inks Lake
  • Lake Buchanan

Up and down these lakes you will find rental cabins, rental homes, lake houses, RV Parks, camping, glamping and motels which can house or accommodate all ages of fishermen.

You will find that there are all kinds of restaurants and stores throughout the area to help meet your needs or cuisine. If you need help in deciding what lake you would like to use, contact some of the local fishing guides or Chamber of Commerce in the various areas.

The smallest lake is Lake Marble Falls:

This lake is a good fishing lake however it is primarily utilized for just boating, water and jet skiing. The Lake has some shallow area great for kayaking and canoeing in the upper section, the lake is approximately 5.75 miles in length. It is a constant-level lake. The upper end is great for kayaking or canoeing. There are several boat ramps for the lake. Two in marble falls and one in the City of Cottonwood Shores. All of these ramps are currently free to the public. (Check with local authorities, due to past flooding some ramps are temporarily closed)

There are RV Parks, bed and breakfast inns, motels and cabins available for rent in the areas.

The next smallest lake is Inks Lake:

This lake again is great for fishing, it has a State Park with cabins, boat ramp and fishing areas as well. This lake is great for fishing, boating and skiing throughout the year. This is considered by LCRA a constant level lake. There are several points of interest in the area of this lake.

The next lake in line is Lake LBJ.

Lake LBJ is one of the largest constant level lakes in the United States, and is just over 21 miles long and just a little more than 2 miles in width in areas. This is one of the better lakes for fishing, sailing, boating of all kinds, waterskiing, jet skiing and all water-related activities. This lake the center point of many subdivisions and cities as well. This makes it a great lake to just have a relaxed outing. There are several marinas and launches available on this lake, one being located in the City of Cottonwood Shores off of Wirtz Dam Road (LCRA Ramp). The land and property owners up and down the lake bait out around docks and other areas of the lake which makes it great for fishing, day or night.

The Largest Lake in the highland area is Lake Buchanan:

Lake Buchanan is the largest of the Highland Lakes in the hill country area with a length of 30 miles and a width at the widest point of just under 5 miles and a shoreline of 124 miles. When it was built, 1938, Buchanan Dam was considered to be the longest multiple-arch dam in the U.S. with a length of just over two miles. The lake is very popular with boaters, fishermen, campers and swimmers. The lake is so large that you will never feel crowded on the lake. There is always plenty of “elbow room” on each of the Highland Lakes.

RV Parks, cabins for rent and campgrounds, and lake rental houses are available along the lake. There are a few cafes near the lake.

One point of interest for sightseeing is a privately owned lighthouse that is near Buchanan Dam. It can also be seen as you drive along at the south end of Lake Buchanan on Hwy 29.

There is a nice granite gravel shore around some of the lake providing an ideal beach for swimming, wading and sunbathing.

You can take a cruise up Lake Buchanan on a 200 passenger vessel complete with an enclosed all-weather deck plus two observation decks. Operating year-round with the 2 1/2 hour scenic wilderness tour through the historic Colorado River Canyon. Perfect for spotting the nesting Bald Eagles and looking at the waterfalls.

Lake Buchanan is located 60 miles northwest of Austin and 95 miles north of San Antonio. It is about 200 miles south of Dallas and Fort Worth and 200 miles west of Houston.