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Tom Maynard

Playing the role of pioneering rancher Hermann Fuchs is Tom Maynard, brother of current cast member Jim Maynard (Oscar Fuchs). Hermann Fuchs was a trailblazing rancher who brought Angora goats to the Texas Hill Country, so it is appropriate that he is played by a goat raiser. Tom raises goats for the show goat market niche near Florence and has been active in the Texas Sheep and Goat Raisers Association. Tom has represented 27 counties, including Burnet County on the State Board of Education for more than a decade and currently chairs the SBOE’s school finance committee and Texas Permanent School Fund Corporation. He had a 30-year career in agricultural education–thirteen years as a high school teacher and 17 as executive director of the Texas FFA Association. Like the character he plays, Tom was born in Europe–Hermann in Meckleburg in present-day Germany; Tom in Brussels, Belgium. Tom grew up at Cal Farley’s Boys Ranch, northwest of Amarillo in the Texas Panhandle and graduated from Texas Tech University. He also invested 17 years in church music ministry and is a licensed minister of the gospel. He and his wife Freda have five children, nine grandchildren, and are the Texas family of cast member Roy Hernandez.