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Legends of the Falls Festival

Vendor Booth Process:
1Fill out the Vendor Booth Registration form below
2Mail to CWS Volunteer Fire Dept: 610 Birch Ln, Cottonwood Shores, TX 78657
3Receive written confirmation that your booth was accepted (this review is simply to make sure we do not have duplication of categories, confirms that the appropriate tax documents are in order, and payment is confirmed.)
4Confirm booth selection with Festival chairman
$35 for 10’x10’ booth for 2 days (Oct 22nd and 23rd)
$55 for 10’x20’ booth for 2 days (Oct 22nd and 23rd)
Booth hours: Saturday: 9am - 6pm Sunday: 12pm - 6pm
TX Resale Tax Permit must be on view at the booth