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Business Information

How should businesses prepare?

  • Educate yourself and your staff on the eclipse; take safety precautions
    • Consider safety gear
    • Consider facility’s visibility during eclipse
    • Take appropriate precautions to secure property
  • Plan for additional foot traffic
    • Consider adjusting hours of operation
    • Consider scheduling additional staff
    • Post bathroom policy
  • Plan on additional traffic and road closures
  • Stock up on necessary supplies due to influx in customers.
  • Opportunity to promote business, offer discounts, host events, offer extended hours
    • Advertise your business events with the Chamber of Commerce
  • Develop an emergency plan for unforeseen emergencies
    • Post emergency contact and safety information
  • Prepare for unreliable internet and cell service.
    • Businesses rely on the internet for activities such as processing payments, interacting with customers, and running software systems.
    • Ensure you have enough cash on hand to process cash transactions
  • Be diligent in safety efforts
    • Secure building
    • Secure personal belongings
    • Secure business and personal vehicle