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City Secretary

The City Secretary is appointed by the City Council and also serves in many other functions for the City. The City Secretary assists the City Administrator with daily functions and situations. The City Secretary attends and prepares official minutes of the City Council meetings and serves as the custodian of city records including City Council minutes, resolutions, ordinances, contracts, and other documents vital to the operation of the city. The City Secretary is the Public Information Coordinator for the City of Cottonwood Shores.  This office is responsible for coordinating with the city departments and ensuring that all Open Records Requests are processed in a timely fashion in accordance with the Texas Public Information Act and city procedures. City elections that are ordered by the City Council are managed by the City Secretary through the Burnet County Elections Administrator.

  • Assisting the City Council in fulfilling its duties and responsibilities;
  • Helps maintain compliance with information regarding the State Open Meetings Act.
  • Improving public access to municipal records and other information;
  • Creating Ordinances, Resolutions, Proclamations and other documents that can benefit the City in its growth;
  • Enhancing public participation in municipal government process;
  • Providing continuity for Cottonwood Shores city government by recording its legislative actions, both contemporary and archival, and serving as historian for the City;
  • Works with planning and development with plans, reviews, issuance of permits for building, signage, demolition and certificates of occupancies.
Bobby Herrin
City Secretary